Foundation of Life is a non-profit organisation, which was established in January 2017 and is registered in Zimbabwe as a Trust. The organisation was set up to help vulnerable children and pregnant mothers through education, nutrition and water and sanitation and capacity building of rural communities. It aims to achieve this through identifying and assisting to orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged members of society. Seek to compliment the efforts of government and other humanitarian organisations in improving the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. 

 Targeted groups of vulnerable members of society include but are not limited to the following children

  • The disabled
  • Orphans
  • Street children
  • pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Victims of natural disasters.

Our Objectives


1. pay school fees to vulnerable children from ECD to first degree and disabled including sporting such as wheel chair basketball, wheel chair tennis, wheel chair hockey and fitness for the disabled through block
2. Feeding lactating mothers and pregnant women including under-fives.
3. Promoting water and sanitation programmes in rural communities.

Past Experiences

mother with child

The trust have never received any funds from any external source. From origin the Trust have been operating on funds only from the trust. 

From 2017 the trust have been doing distribution of food handouts to pregnant mothers as well as lactating mothers aiming to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and lactating mothers

Training on capacity building to pregnant mothers on how to prepare nutritious food for pregnant and lactating mothers to prevent kwashiorkor and any other malnutrition meals during the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding however all these were never put into specific records due to human resources shortage therefore the founder of the trust have been focusing more on giving help rather than record keeping.

Additional support to vulnerable children through educational grants, which include uniforms, tuition fees and learning material such as books and examination fees.

Community Engagement Video



The Trust aims to undertake its humanitarian work as a community based organization(CBO) by engaging target communities at the grassroots to identify their needs and work closely with them in coming up with acceptable solutions to their problems…

Donation NEEDED

To help vulnerable children of the society have access to education, healthcare and nutrition by mobilizing resources and channeling them to the needy.