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Vulnerable Children (Children in the Streets)

We provide support, rehabilitation, health facilities, nutritious food and education for  the children in the streets. We strive to help these children learn crucial life skills like honesty, good work ethic and a collaborative attitude so that they are able to get off the streets and become responsible and successful adults.

Street children are homeless children especially one forsaken or orphaned. A number of these children are forced to the streets as result of poverty, abuse, rape abandonment or orphaned by AIDS. They are most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse and they are normally unaware of their rights as children and human beings or unable to enforce them. Living on the streets affects them in that they lose out on the fun of childhood. They are prone to sexual/ physical abuse, malnutrition, drug and substance abuse which ultimately results in addiction. Easy access to solvents help them in handling hunger but makes them addicts. Eventually they lose values, morals, hope for a better future, personal development, they are extremely vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.





Get Involved

Every child deserves a future. That’s why we do whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – to ensure children grow up healthy, educated and safe, especially those hardest to reach. But we can’t do this important work without your support.

Give now to save a child in need. There are so many ways to give such as making a charity donation, starting a fundraiser, or honoring someone special. The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Rather than brushing them off, spend some time to ask them their names, what they like to do, or their favorite games.

You can help by giving things such as pens, candies or clothes, shelter, food etc.

Let’s Join Hands & Help Whenever, From Wherever

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