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Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

We work ensure that pregnant mothers have enough knowledge on how to prepare meals which are nutritious and suit their condition at the lowest cost. We also want to ensure child safety during pregnancy and after birth and this include a healthy breast-feed. We guide expecting and lactating mothers so that they  improve on hygiene and sanitation.

 A pregnant woman is one who has a baby growing in here womb and usually gives birth in 40 weeks or just over 9 months while a lactating woman has milk secreting from the mammary glands at the period after child birth in order to feed her baby. Many expecting and lactating mothers are failing to access basic needs such as sanitary wear, nutritious food for safe delivery, safe and hygienic accommodation whilst in waiting, as well as lack on timeous help from midwives when needed. To further exacerbate the situation the lack of knowledge and negative behaviours worsens their. Some mothers breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months and continue breastfeeding up to a period not less than 18 months. Pregnant and lactating mothers require access to nutritious foods to help to reduce levels of stunting and malnutrition. Increased sanitation and hygiene status of waiting mothers in turn contributes towards maternal and child health care. 




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Your donation to our organization will allow us to continue to help people and their health providers as they make treatment choices in pregnancy and lactation. Donations may be unrestricted. Together we can increase the information on exposures that may affect maternal and infant health during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

From 2017 the trust have been doing distribution of food handouts to pregnant mothers as well as lactating mothers aiming to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and lactating mothers. Training on capacity building to pregnant mothers on how to prepare nutritious food for pregnant and lactating mothers to prevent kwashiorkor and any other malnutrition meals during the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding however all these were never put into specific records due to human resources shortage therefore the founder of the trust have been focusing more on giving help rather than record keeping. You can also lend your hand to help and donate. Thank you for your support!

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