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Victims of Natural Disasters

We serve underprivileged communities with disaster related relief material such as drinking water facilities, food item distribution, and healthcare and medical support. We are committed to effective disaster response and preparedness and we stand tall to assist in all calamities that victims face in times of disasters.


Natural disasters are catastrophic events with atmospheric, geological, and hydrological origins (e.g., cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides) that can cause fatalities, property damage and social environmental disruption. Natural disasters affect the lives of many people and disrupts their lives from their homes, food and school including the loss of their loved ones. In Zimbabwe the Cyclone Idai hit 2019 and affected the lives of more than 200 000 people, Many died and children orphaned.

Cyclone idai
Cyclone idai




Getting Involved

Financial contributions to a recognized disaster relief organization are the most effective donation to make. Most needed and the most efficient way of helping those impacted by disaster.
Allow us to fund response and recovery efforts, obtain goods and services locally, and provide direct financial assistance to disaster survivors to meet their own needs. When the public supports us with financial contributions, it helps ensure a steady flow of important services to the people in need after a disaster.

Confirm what is needed BEFORE taking action! Donate in-kind goods that are specifically requested or needed by recognized organizations. Unsolicited donated goods such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items, and mixed or perishable foodstuffs require helping agencies to redirect valuable resources away from providing services to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of disaster survivors. Confirm the needs by contacting us before starting to collect. Everyone is moved when they hear the news that disaster has struck a community. By learning the best ways to donate and volunteer, we can all make a huge difference in the lives of those affected.

Let’s Join Hands & Help Whenever, From Wherever

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To make an offline donation toward this cause, just specify the amount you want to donate and press the donate now button. Please make sure you have specified your email. You will receive further instructions about the payment details in your email.


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