Ways , to Volunteer at Foundation Of Life

We know a monetary donation is not always possible. Volunteering is another option you can take to help. To start you fil in the form below and our team will be in touch.

Online Financial Donation

$10 is the minimum online donation. All donations are tax deductible. If you select this method you will be able to select your desired form of online payment from the ones available.

Mail, Text and Phone Donations

To donate by mail, please complete the offline donation form. After that we will send you more details on how to proceed. Click to fill in the form and start donating now.

DAF: Donor Advised Funds

Consider making recurring grants to Foundation Of Life or making us a beneficiary to your donor-advised fund. You can send us an email on donations@foundationoflife.org.zw



The Trust aims to undertake its humanitarian work as a community based organization(CBO) by engaging target communities at the grassroots to identify their needs and work closely with them in coming up with acceptable solutions to their problems…

Donation NEEDED

To help vulnerable children of the society have access to education, healthcare and nutrition by mobilizing resources and channeling them to the needy.